You may have never heard of the sciatic nerve. No one ever thinks about it, until something goes wrong. When there is pressure on your sciatic nerve, it causes a host of symptoms known as sciatica. Fortunately, there is relief available for this all too common condition. Our chiropractors at Crossroads Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Savannah would like to look at what you need to know about sciatica.


Symptoms of Sciatica

The main symptom of sciatica is pain. It can start in your lower back and go all the way down your leg. Only one leg is usually affected, but sometimes you experience symptoms in both. The pain can be burning, shooting, stabbing, or just plain awful. It often gets better when you lay down. Along with the pain, there is numbness and odd tingling sensations. Your leg may become too weak for you to stand or walk unaided.

Get Medical Help If This Happens

Sciatica can cause incontinence, or make it so you cannot walk at all. If this happens, or if the pain keeps getting worse, seek immediate medical help.

Heat and Cold Therapies for Sciatica Relief

The American College of Physicians recommends using a heating pad for about 20 minutes several times a day. The Mayo Clinic recommends alternating the heating pad with a cold pack. Remember to never place a pad or pack directly against your skin.

Spinal Manipulation

The American College of Physicians also recommends going to a chiropractor for a series of spinal manipulations, also called spinal adjustments. These treatments reduce pressure off of the sciatic nerve, provide pain relief, and promote relaxation. When you have sciatica, it can be very difficult to relax.

Massage Therapy

Along with chiropractic care, our chiropractors may also recommend therapeutic massage. This improves your circulation, decreases inflammation in the muscle fibers, promotes muscle relaxation, and improves your stress levels. Many chiropractic centers also provide massage therapy.

Nutritional Counseling

A chiropractor usually wants to go over your diet and lifestyle to see where you can make positive changes to reduce your sciatica symptoms and improve your overall health. Being overweight can aggravate sciatica. We can help you make better food choices, add beneficial nutritional supplements, and offer exercises that you can do at home to relieve your symptoms.

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