Chiropractic Care for Allergy Relief

Why See a Chiropractor in Savannah for Allergy Relief?

Chiropractic care achieves results without the need for medication. If you suffer from allergies, you may have tried one (or more) of the hundreds of over-the-counter and prescription allergy medications.

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Unfortunately, allergy medications all have a couple of negative things in common, they only work for a short time, if at all, and they have side effects. If allergy medications have failed for you, this is an excellent reason to instead seek chiropractic treatment for your allergies.

How Our Chiropractor Helps Allergy Sufferers

Chiropractic treatment can alter your body’s reaction to allergens, offering you a natural, drug-free and long term allergy control benefit. Chiropractic care can restore your body’s natural balance and help you attain proper immune system function. With chiropractic care, your system will develop a healthier, less intense, reaction to your former allergy triggers.

Some of the natural methods used by our Savannah, GA chiropractor to treat allergies include:

  • Chiropractic adjustment - Gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments work to properly align your spinal vertebrae to reduce subluxations.  These can interfere with or distort signals sent between the brain and body through the spinal cord. This helps moderate the response your body has to allergy triggers.
  • Lifestyle Counseling - Our chiropractor can suggest lifestyle and habit changes to enable you to avoid exposure to allergy triggers.
  • Nutritional guidance - We can help you control or diminish food allergies through customized nutrition counseling so that you can avoid foods that aggravate allergies.  We’ll also help you strengthen your body and immune system through proper diet, to help you better avoids or fights off illness, inflammation and allergic symptoms.
  • Massage - Hands-on chiropractic treatment and a variety of massage techniques can ease stress and relax the body and mind, which can each be a component of allergic reactions.

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