Chiropractic Care for Kids FAQs

Chiropractic Care for Kids and Infants in Savannah, GA | FAQs

Most parents want what’s best for their child. More and more parents are seeking natural options to help ease their child’s discomfort. Chiropractic care can be an excellent alternative.

Chiropractic care for kids in Savannah, GA

Most Common FAQ's about Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Where can I find the best  chiropractic care for kids?

Crossroads Chiropractic & Wellness Center specializes in caring for children, particularly when they experience rapid growth, or require or other adjustments due to injuries, or other illnesses.

When is the best time to choose a pediatric chiropractic treatment for my child?

The best time to choose chiropractic treatment can begin as early as infancy. If your child experiences colic, sleeping issues, multiple ear infections, or poor digestion, chiropractic treatment can positively affect the nervous system and help alleviate these issues.

What about sports related injuries, is a chiropractor necessary after the healing has occurred?

Sports such as football, soccer, volleyball, or cheerleading, can lead to injuries that are not treated by the regular pediatric physician. Sports activities can lead to tears, sprains, strains, back problems and sometimes concussions. A skilled chiropractor can help alleviate the pain caused by these injuries.

 How many times should my child see a pediatric chiropractor for treatment?

This answer truly depends on the issues the child is experiencing or the extent of the injury. A chiropractor will need to ask questions to establish a treatment plan for each individual patient.

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In order to experience the best possible care and treatment for your child or infant, please contact Crossroads Chiropractic and Wellness Center at 320 East Montgomery Crossroads, Suite 30, Savannah, GA 31406. To schedule a consultation, please call (912) 353-7611.

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