Metabolic Testing

Metabolic Testing in Savannah

At Crossroads Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Savannah, we offer metabolic testing. Your test results will be analyzed to determine just how efficiently your body turns fat into energy, the maximum level you should be working out at for best results, the maximum amount of oxygen available to you when you work out (VO2), and the number of calories your body needs.

metabolic testing

Understanding what is working for you and what isn't can mean the difference between losing weight and struggling. That's why when you are looking for nutritional counseling in Savannah, you need to work with someone that deals with the whole body from the inside out like Crossroads Chiropractic & Wellness Center. 

Our Savannah Chiropractor Discusses Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing is a process that determines how your metabolism is reacting to your diet and exercise program. This is important to know because if you have been trying to lose weight for any length of time there is a good chance that despite all of your efforts you have hit a plateau. It may seem that no matter what you do your weight just won't budge. If this is true for you then it might be time for metabolic testing. 

Metabolic testing will help determine how your metabolism is actually functioning. Both your diet and exercise plan can affect how well your body is working. This testing will determine just that. There are two tests that you will undergo.

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